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Apr 15, 2024
This Ohio Meat Processing Grant Program offers grants of up to $500,000 to help you boost processing efficiencies, expand or construct facilities at existing sites, and enhance harvest services.
Mar 25, 2024
The Advanced Manufacturing Production Credit, introduced by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), serves as a significant financial incentive designed to support the shift towards a more sustainable economy by aiding businesses in the clean energy sector. This credit aims to facilitate the domestic production of clean energy components, offering tax savings that can enhance a company's competitiveness and commitment to environmental sustainability. Understanding and applying this credit can be complex, but it represents an opportunity for businesses to contribute to a greener future while benefiting financially from their investments in clean energy manufacturing.
Mar 18, 2024

In today's evolving landscape of tax incentives aimed at promoting environmental sustainability, tax professionals play a pivotal role in guiding businesses towards opportunities that not only benefit their bottom line but also contribute to a greener future. One such opportunity worth exploring is the Inflation Reduction Act Credit for Alternative Fuel Refueling Stations.

Mar 11, 2024
To be eligible, vehicles must be used for business purposes and fall under the category of commercial clean vehicles. This includes both electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) that are purchased for use in the United States. The weight class of these vehicles plays a crucial role in determining the credit amount, with a distinction made between vehicles under 14,000 pounds and those above this threshold.
Mar 5, 2024
The ITC is available to businesses that install qualifying energy properties, including solar photovoltaic systems, wind energy, geothermal, and certain fuel cells, among others. These systems must be located in the United States and used in a trade or business or for the production of income. Businesses must meet certain wage and apprenticeship conditions to qualify for the full credit.